Proposed West Ashley Senior Center


Charleston County Government and the City of Charleston are moving forward with the idea of a senior center located West of the Ashley. Through public input including 500 survey responses, a West Ashley Senior Services Coordinating Committee is crafting a vision for the proposed gathering place for adults age 50+. Community input continues to help identify the services, programs and facilities people feel are most vital and needed.


The next step is to determine funding sources/needs and the best site for the center. No permanent decisions have been made including the location. In these economic times, funding is limited. Therefore, a coalition of citizens and County and City representatives is looking for private and non-profit sector partners. The way that governments seek such assistance is through a request for proposal (RFP).


Through an RFP, the City of Charleston with the advice and support of Charleston County Government and the West Ashley Senior Services Coordinating Committee is inviting proposals from organizations to undertake the following services:

  1. Management of the West Ashley Senior Center

  2. Advice during the design of the center

  3. Fundraising to support the development of the center

  4. Proposal for the site for the center including the potential donation of land.

Collaborations are encouraged among potential management organizations to create the most resourceful team, and provide the greatest benefit to West Ashley adults age 50+.


The RFP and related attachments can be accessed at


Soliciting and evaluating proposals is a process that can take several months. Please check back on this Web site for updates on the proposal process.

Latest News:


The West Ashley Senior Services Coordinating Committee will be hosting a series of Community Forums. The dates and topics of these Forums to come.




Seeking volunteer business savvy individuals who can help spread the word of our West Ashley Virtual Sr. Center.  Experience in marketing, social media, local news papers, computers, etc, is a plus.  


Email Tom Witman at with your brief resume.